eCommerce website article

i create article about making eCommerce website in Persian language
the ways to get the job done ,

compared the hosting , os , cms
and explained from start to end how to create server with nginx web server and WordPress CMS , and making eCommerce website with woocommerce plugin

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The One

The first project that i started to work in unreal engine was “The One”.

“The One” its battle royal game based on “Hunger Games” movie,

game have matchmaking system, and in the first u have to choose character from character pool that have more than 100 unique character that is categorized into 3 main category, like the famous game “DOTA 2” , every character have multiple unique ability’s like it can track down animals or climbs trees and rocks ,… and every character have its own stats like attack speed, movement speed, strength and so on .

after you choose your character , you can modify the look of your character , like cloths , weapons, …

match making starting at 10,20,30 in 3 different maps, all 3 maps is jungle with unique features like lakes, rocks, hidden caves, wild animals and so on .

after match making started and all 10 players select their character and customize it , they all spawn in middle of the map in the circular pattern , in the middle of the circle there is supply’s  like water and food , or cloth and even weapons  but when all players going after this supply there is gone be massive fight over it.

after that some players get supply’s and some not and ran into jungle , the game is officially began , from now on , every player need to fight for their survive , they can go anywhere they want and do whatever they want , fight for their life at any cost

the players in game have every needed that the human does, like getting thirsty or hungry , get cold or sun burn ,have to pee

the game time is real time , every second in real world is real second in game,

you can be the player than wanna survive trough forest  and wild life , or craft weapons and haunting stuff and going after every one of other  players and hunt them down .

the goal of this game is only one winner no matter what, one game can finish in 10 second , all 10 players go into fight in first of game with bare hand  and punch each other to death , finally one survives and win .

and it can done with 5 hours 5 pro player trying to survive, it all depends on you

but also the maps have the systems, doesn’t allow player just hide in the woods and wait for others to die, its going to be boring this way , so when you hide in spot for too long , and be far away from other players , you have to compete against mother of nature , like fire , storm , wild animals ,poison food and so on

the game have strong crafting system , you can craft stuff for surviving , or weapons for fighting , or cloth for hiding or be safe from cold, or upgrade your skills for climbing trees, haunting animals and so on

there is so much talk and explain that i can say about my idea but i thinks is good enough

there is also YouTube video that i explain the game and showing some of the features